Remote Work Statistics In 2023 And How They Influence The Workplace

While some notable corporations don’t fully support remote work — and certain people don’t think it’s the future we should embrace — many others do. A recent compilation from FlexJobs reveals some of those that have given the green light to permanent work-from-home jobs. Remote Work Remote employee training tips How to create a training program for remote what companies are going remote permanently workers. Recognizing the benefits of remote work, many companies have already shifted to fully remote or flexible working arrangements. A successful shift to remote work requires a well-thought-out strategy, and these companies seem to have it down. I have worked from home for a decade and ran a fully remote, four-day work week company for eight years.

  • The cofounders of credit-card startup Brex sent employees an email in August announcing their remote-first shift.
  • Another survey report conducted by Owl labs also states that remote workers are happier and would be more willing to stay in their jobs longer.
  • Kiely Kuligowski is a and Business News Daily writer and has written more than 200 B2B-related articles on topics designed to help small businesses market and grow their companies.
  • It’s never late to learn new skills and tools for working remotely.
  • Upwork has already seen huge success with this approach, given its nature open to freelancers.

88% of the organizations across the globe made it mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home after COVID-19 was officially labeled a pandemic. If we’ve missed any companies that empower employees to work from anywhere, please let us know in the comments section below! As companies find solutions to adapt to work from anywhere workplaces, more and more opportunities will become available. Digital nomad visas are popping up all over the world, driving the demand for employees who want the ability to be truly untethered while they work.

The Future of Remote Work

As an employer, Upwork seeks professionals who are excited about making a difference in the lives of freelancers and businesses around the world, and the company is an advocate for work flexibility. LogMeIn is a software company that simplifies how people connect with each other and the world to drive meaningful interactions, strengthen relationships, and improve outcomes for individuals and businesses. “Employee mental health improved and productivity increased by 16 per cent with the hybrid model,” Emilie Sidiqian, head of Salesforce France, told Euronews Next.

What percentage of employees work remotely?

As of 2022, 26% of U.S. employees now work remotely. Additionally, 16% of companies are fully remote. These numbers will likely increase, as 59% of workers report being more likely to choose an employer that allows remote work rather than one that doesn’t.

Quora, founded in 2009, is a Q&A platform dedicated to sharing and expanding the world’s knowledge. It also implemented the remote first policy during the pandemic, allowing nearly all employees to work remotely and relocate to any location where the company can legally employ them. Key lessons to learn – The flexible workplace strikes the right balance of trust and choice, allowing employees to do their best while helping the company to attract and retain top talent. There are numerous reasons and statistics showing both positive and negative outcomes of remote working. An alternative way of implementing a positive result is implementing a hybrid way of working. In fact, 74% of U.S. companies either are currently using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model.

Companies Switching to Remote Work

Dell, one of the largest successful remote companies, launched its Connected Workplace remote work program several years ago, intending to have 50% of its employees working remotely by 2020. At the end of the fiscal year 2015, roughly one in every four eligible Dell team members worldwide was enrolled in flexible work programs, putting the company halfway to its 2020 goal. Here are 20 highly successful remote companies and the key lessons traditional businesses can learn from them as they transition to remote work. Not too long ago, it was somewhat rare to come across someone who worked remotely, let alone entire departments or workforces.

Additionally, Twitter has planned to not open any on-site offices until September 2020 at the earliest and has canceled all internal events through the end of the year. Although it didn’t specify which roles will qualify for the new work from anywhere policy, Twitter announced recently that it will allow some employees to continue working from home « forever » should they choose to do so. « If our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen, » said Twitter’s vice president of people, Jennifer Christie. Continuing to work from home, or anywhere with an internet connection, is a no-brainer for employees who have gotten used to their new remote work lifestyle. Those employees who have been just as productive working remotely than when they were commuting into the office every day are even less eager to return to the office.

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